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Still, for us part-time New Hampshirites, it's hard to embrace a candidate if we can't get close enough to shake his hand.
In an era when most voters complain about feeling disconnected from politicians, New Hampshirites demand and receive tender loving care from the men who would be President.
Secretary Sebelius to hear from New Hampshirites who have saved money because of the health reform law
In about a month, New Hampshirites will be able to convert cash to bitcoins via new bitcoin ATMs popping up in the state.
The poll also indicated that New Hampshirites disagree strongly with the Gang of Eight's priorities.
Conversely, in 2008, New Hampshirites refused to jump on the Obama bandwagon and then-Sen.
All New Hampshirites should learn about the debt and deficit, listen to the campaign to Fix the Debt and the Concord Coalition, participate and speak up.
New Hampshirites, true to our independent spirit are trying to restore government to the people.
I'm pleased that most New Hampshirites support their neighbors' right to organize and bargain for a fair standard of living and a safe workplace.

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