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If the new party swings hard to the right, he says more voters will lean toward Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals in the next election.
More than 70 people turned up to the special meeting at the weekend to discuss forming the new party to challenge Labour.
An official with the Korean National Election Commission said there is no reason why the new party could not be certified, and once the proper paperwork is completed, Moon's party could join 22 other political parties in South Korea.
According to its mission statement, the new party will be completely distinct from the PRI, social democratic in tendency, and address areas where the PRI has failed--namely the country's growing rates of poverty.
According to Adam Glickman of the New Party, which is active in these drives, thirty-five cities and counties have passed such measures.
Lebed asserted that his new party had the backing of banks and wealthy financiers and would give voters a third choice besides the Communists and Yeltsin.
Some black activists, like Ron Daniels of Campaign For A Better Tomorrow, have already held strategy session's with leaders of the Green Party and the New Party.
Choi Gyung-hwan of the People's Party, a vocal critic of Ahn, held a separate one to say the anti-merger faction will launch a preparatory committee for the formation of a new party, Jan.
Four serving military officers and two retired employees made statements as witness but were not being accused of spying for China in the scandal surrounding a New Party official, the Ministry of National Defense said Wednesday.
He said that he will reveal name of the new party and its chief in a few days.

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