Novus homo

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NOVUS HOMO. A new man; this term, is applied to a man who has been pardoned of a crime, by which he is restored to society, and is rehabilitated.

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The new MAN TGSWW (WorldWide) is the second series in the Trucknology Generation, exemplifying this dedication to 'tailor-made' trucking solutions and continuous improvement, a premium technology truck, with the right breeding for Africa," Hemmerich said.
She is smitten and introduces her new man to son Sean (Lemasters) and daughter Beth (Samuels).
But the FAW's new president Phil Pritchard said he was unable to name the new man for contractual reasons, although he had a verbal acceptance from the man who will pick up pounds 100,000 as the replacement for David Collins - who retires in January when he is 65.
A leg-less boy named Captain Black, a hospital security guard named Scuttles, a new man in his mother's life, Alison Beech, a bold kidnapping scheme, a body washer down in the morgue, the Andytown Albinos, a near miss, a desperate plan and a bitter truth all play a part in this fast paced work.
She imparts this advice to her character LaShondra, who must open her heart and reconcile her past relationships, as well as deal with the attitudes of family and friends in order to welcome a new man in her life.
With the horrible logic of the heart, Christopher's accountant father, Hal, falls in love with a new man at the same time he is losing his son to schizophrenia.
The new man of the 90s is no longer a turn-on with the ladies, according to the women of the Midlands.
The same forces of modernization that were a prerequisite for the Dessau Bauhaus' New Man (sport, industry, mass society, urban media and tempo) seemed to spell the downfall of the kibbutz's New Man (rural, agrarian, craft-oriented).
In the popularly studied Bambara kore initiation society, the postulant sacrifices his egocentric orientation to the world, purges himself of his limited terrestrial life through symbolic death, becomes "savory nourishment" for the mouth of God (Zahan 63), and is reborn a new man "spiritually enlightened and endowed with the 'Word,' that is, possessing an immortal soul that bears the form of the universe and God himself" (Zuesse 152).
The consideration offered per Scania share consists of either (a) a mixture of cash and new MAN ordinary shares, or (b) cash only.
there's a new man in charge at Rangers it's the same playing squad who have The Lions boss feels while there's a new man in charge at Rangers it's the same playing squad who have struggled for confidence this season.
The questions every fan wants answered are: Will a new man be given his own budget to manage?