New promise

NEW PROMISE. A contract made, after the original promise has for some cause been rendered, invalid, by which the promiser agrees to fulfill such original promise.
     2. When a debtor has been discharged under the bankrupt laws, the remedy against him is clearly gone, so when an infant has made a contract prejudicial to his interest, he may avoid it; and when by lapse of time a debt is barred by the act of limitations, the debtor may take advantage of the act, but in all these cases there remains a moral obligation, and if the original promiser renews the contract by a new promise, this is a sufficient consideration. See 8 Mass. 127; 2 S. & It. 208; 2 Rawle, 351; 5 Har. & John. 216; 2 Esp. C. 736; 2 H. Bl. 116; 8 Moore, 261; 1 Bing. 281; 1 Dougl. 192; Cowp. 544; Bac. Ab. Infancy and A e, I; Bac. Ab. Limitation of actions, E 85
     3. Formerly the courts construed the slightest admission of the debtor as evidence of a new promise to pay; but of late years a more reasonable construction is put upon men's contracts, and the promise must be express, or at least, the acknowledgment of indebtedness must not be inconsistent with a promise to pay. 4 Greenl. 41, 413; 2 Hill's S. C. 326; 2 Pick. 368; 1 South. 153; 14 S. & R. 195; 1 McMull. R. 197; 3 Harring. 508; 7 Watts & Serg. 180; 10 Watts, 172; 6 Watts & Serg. 213; 5 Shep. 349; 5 Smed. & Marsh. 564; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 866.

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As the new promise of happiness rose for Adam, his indignation and jealousy began to die out.
I want no new promise from you on my own account, for I am satisfied, and I always shall be satisfied, with the promise you have given me.
The company General Manager, Vincent Gatete, said: We have improved the - the way we work, we are making a new commitment, a new promise and a new vision to our clients.
This will be reflected in our new promise, a team committed to your success," he added.
A BROWNIE leader, parents and a parish priest from Cardiff have spoken out against the Guides' new promise omitting God, saying Christianity is under attack in an increasingly secular society.
This is the 3rd year collecting old donated cell phones for the Neville House and our 1st for The New Promise House.
Forevermark's new Promise Campaign communicates that a Forevermark diamond is the ultimate expression of life's most important promises, using a simple, yet powerful gesture C the act of holding hands.
The resurgence of dissent in town halls, on street corners, and in public parks brings new promise for improved democratic life and citizen participation, says Stitzlein (education, U.
This surprisingly aggressive letter says that we 'will not use' the new Promise and that simply isn't true.
The new Promise also asks guides "to serve the Queen and my community" instead of "the Queen and my countr y".
Susan Calvin is beginning her residency in psychiatry at a teaching hospital, where nanotechnology offers new promise to patients.
We will scrap that and introduce a new promise, a Decent Neighbourhoods Standard, so every resident knows the very least they should be receiving in environmental standards for the area around them.

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