New work

NEW WORK. In Louisiana, by a new work is understood every sort of edifice or other work, which is newly commenced on any ground whatever.
     2. When the ancient form of the work is changed, either by an addition being made to it, or by some part of the ancient work being taken away, it is styled also a new work. Civ. Code of Lo. 852; Puff. b. 8, c. 5, SS 3; Nov. Rec. L. 1, tit. 32; Asso y Manuel, b. 2, tit. 6, p. 144.

References in classic literature ?
In spite of her delight in her new work, Pollyanna did not forget her old friends.
I had two years' new work to do in a third of a year.
How Shakespeare fared in this new work we do not know, but we may fancy him when work was done wandering along the pretty country lanes or losing himself in the forest of Arden, which lay not far from his home, "the poet's eye in a fine frenzy rolling," and singing to himself:
This new work was finished about three o'clock, and after taking all these precautions there remained but to wait.
George did his part all right, but it was new work to Harris, and he bungled it.
A list of influential persons who had increased their subscriptions so as to cover the cost, and a brief statement of the progress already made with the new work, completed the appeal, and brought the circular to its end.
There was black comb so old that they had forgotten where it hung; orange, buff, and ochre-varnished store-comb, built as bees were used to build before the days of artificial foundations; and there was a little, white, frail new work.
For an educated person's ideas of Art are drawn naturally from what Art has been, whereas the new work of art is beautiful by being what Art has never been; and to measure it by the standard of the past is to measure it by a standard on the rejection of which its real perfection depends.
These, and all such writers of society, whose new works glow like the rich texture of a just-woven carpet, must be content to relinquish their charm, for every reader, after an age or two, and could hardly be supposed to retain any portion of it for a mind that had utterly lost its estimate of modes and manners.
The Small Business Outlook 2015, published today by independent thinktank Centre for Cities, and backed by global insurer Zurich, focuses on small firms (SMEs) in 64 UK cities and towns in the new work field, such as creative, digital and professional industries.
Records received from USCIS through a Freedom of Information Request reveal that from 2009 to 2014, the agency issued 5,461,568 new work permits to aliens.
S for new work (ND + RE) for Maintenance work for for Chorvad Sub Division.