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We believe this Newcastle disease virus concept works very well for poultry because you kill two birds with one stone, metaphorically speaking," Richt said.
Earlier human clinical trials for other types of cancer with naturally occurring strains of Newcastle disease virus required several injections of the virus in large quantities for success.
Newcastle disease, also known as pseudo-fowl pest, is a deadly viral infection of chickens, turkeys, and other domestic and wild birds.
Use of Newcastle disease virus vaccine (MTH-68/H) in a patient with high-grade glioblastoma.
Africa, a reservoir of new virulent strains of Newcastle disease virus?
Newcastle disease and other avian Paramyxoviridae infection.
The mayor's "world-class city" is pretending to take a public health stand against avian flu and Newcastle disease - an obvious fiction since avian flu and Newcastle affects hens as well as roosters.
According to USDA Veterinary Services, Exotic Newcastle disease is a highly contagious and fatal viral disease affecting all species of birds.
Here in Kenya, for example, where many families rear chickens to generate income, Newcastle Disease can quickly destroy flocks and prevent rural communities from creating their own prosperity", he said.
Newcastle disease was confirmed in a flock of grey partridges at the holding on October 13.
The Scottish Executive said Newcastle Disease was found at a holding near Edinburgh.
Newcastle Disease was confirmed yesterday in a flock of grey partridges at Fenton Barns, Drem, East Lothian.

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