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The bouquet this week goes to Indian Charlie, whose daily news-sheet at Keeneland comes with the slogan, `We never let the truth get in the way of a good story'.
The crisis followed the Scottish Parliament elections when desperate measures by party leader Alex Salmond - including the launch of a daily news-sheet - sent costs soaring.
The dissidents, who have been nicknamed "Willy Wag Mouths" in the latest issue of the Portadown District's news-sheet, said they would be appealing for all Orangemen and their supporters to rally at Drumcree hill on Sunday July 9.
Iknow Christmas is coming because we've already had one of those cringe-making duplicated news-sheet things drop on the doormat inside an arty card.
And a Tory news-sheet has pictured him outside his cottage, AND said where it is.
Two of the most expensive items - a rally for Sean Connery and a daily news-sheet - were Salmond's own ideas.
And dignity was what was required at the Godolphin barn when someone showed him the Derby-week edition of `Indian Charlie', the scurrilous backstretch news-sheet.