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His image was promoted so heavily in the news-sheet "because there is so much good news to impart," he told the council.
32) The write-up of Mr Havers's remarks by the local news-sheet journalist, Mr Simon Clark, generally gave prominence to Mr Havers's remarks, but it is of interest that Mr Clark felt the need, in an area under the firm control of the Conservative Party, to report that the West Valley firm had attracted the support of prominent local Tory councillor Patrick Myers, and also to report Mr Purcell's claim that West Valley was on target' in terms of recruiting a start-up number of 500 subscribers.
One Roy Jorgensen edited a news-sheet which represented the views of the rabid hunters, and made Leopold personally the butt of his vicious abuse from 1944 until Leopold's death in 1948.
A WORK believed to be the world's first football song has been discovered - published in a penny news-sheet more than a century ago.
Fair enough, it got extensive coverage in Casino Times - a real news-sheet by the way - but like the 2005 celebrations it was completely lost on most people.
After a spell as a schoolmaster, he took himself off to London, where he produced a stream of radical pamphlets and a news-sheet entitled Pig's Meat or Lessons for the People, alias the Swinish Multitude.
The recruitment ad for the pounds 30,000 a year job appeared in the latest issue of the council's Forward news-sheet.
The bouquet this week goes to Indian Charlie, whose daily news-sheet at Keeneland comes with the slogan, `We never let the truth get in the way of a good story'.
The crisis followed the Scottish Parliament elections when desperate measures by party leader Alex Salmond - including the launch of a daily news-sheet - sent costs soaring.
The dissidents, who have been nicknamed "Willy Wag Mouths" in the latest issue of the Portadown District's news-sheet, said they would be appealing for all Orangemen and their supporters to rally at Drumcree hill on Sunday July 9.
Iknow Christmas is coming because we've already had one of those cringe-making duplicated news-sheet things drop on the doormat inside an arty card.