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According to Martin Langeveld, a blogger at News After Newspapers and a former newspaper business executive, only three to four percent of newspaper reading occurs online.
For us at Times of Oman, this is yet another step towards making newspaper reading experience more valuable among the people.
In her 'learned' position of newspaper reading on crime in the UK she imagines that 'knife murders, assaults and rape done openly on the UK's roads are a common phenomena'
I mostly do my newspaper reading as and when I can spare some time at the workplace.
The first demographic is, for me, the idyll: the kind of weekend newspaper reading portrayed in rom-com films.
Technology has far outrun the days of the newspaper reading room and half a dozen stuffy cubicles to a previously unimaginable extent, as have the interests and requirement of an increasingly literate community.
At the same time newspaper reading and radio listening decreased, while book reading increased.
Newspaper reading is a very indulgent pursuit on a day invented to devote to others.
The Newspaper Reading Room is currently undergoing similar renovations.
For it is the failure of young people to take up newspaper reading in anywhere near the numbers of earlier generations that is the basic cause of newspapers' circulation woes.
You might even be offered one yourself soon - for services to newspaper reading.
An independent study shows that the newspaper habit leads to greater interest in public affairs, which in turn spurs further growth in newspaper reading.