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ad:tech New Delhi's annual "The Next Big Thing Startup Competition" in association with Nestle , will help both attendees and the greater ad:tech audience discover new technologies and/or services that will take business to the next level.
The Next Big Thing is all about wanting attention and wanting to grow up really quickly," Mills says.
Storage management is going to be the next big thing in storage.
Expo offers the opportunity to see the potential star food and drink performers and a wide range of thought provoking products from around the world will be on display in the Next Big Thing area.
Or you could forget the Next Big Thing and just carry on Doing Your Own Thing.
But at least take a look at what could be The Next Big Thing at www.
While at the recent FETC conference in Orlando, I kept looking for the next big thing.
The final of The Next Big Thing was shown live on BBC and BBC Digital on Friday.
As can be seen from this 1900 ad, Oldsmobile originally marketed itself as the very embodiment of creative destruction, as the next big thing coming down the pike.
Early adopters, anyone looking for a phone and willing to experiment with the official Next Big Thing.
Tina is so convinced nail art is the next big thing that she has opened up a business - Hollywood Designer Nails, in Trinity Street - devoted to the adornment and decoration of fingernails and toenails.
The Next Big Thing list highlights companies that have a chance of providing that kind of growth.