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A total of 70% of smokers on placebo initially abstained, compared with 92% of those using a nicotine patch with a nicotine lozenge, 86% on bupropion with a lozenge, 81% on bupropiona alone, 81% on a lozenge alone, and 88% on a nicotine patch alone.
During the time of nicotine patch therapy, overall fetal growth and well being were "normal and reassuring," Dr.
New research shows that smokers who use the 21 mg NicoDerm(R) CQ(R) nicotine patch every day for the first three weeks of a 10-week treatment significantly improve their chances of success.
The idea of trying to raise nicotine levels in a pregnant woman's body may seem counterintuitive, but for the nicotine patch to help someone stop smoking, it has to deliver the same amount of nicotine that a smoker was getting from cigarettes.
Participants were divided into two groups, one treated with the nicotine patch plus the antidepressant bupropion, and one with the nicotine patch plus placebo.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that smokers on nicotine patch were about two times as likely to have been successful in kicking the habit than those who received a placebo patch.
GSK Consumer Healthcare provides smokers with a choice of medicinal nicotine products, ranging from four different flavors of Nicorette(R) nicotine gum (new Fresh Mint, original, mint, and orange) to two different types of nicotine patch (original and Clear(R) NicoDerm(R) CQ(R)), and the Commit(R) lozenge.
Following parental consent, participants were randomized to a nicotine patch plus placebo or nicotine patch plus 150 mg bupropion SR daily.
Officials said there are more smoking aids available now than ever before, including nicotine replacement systems such as the nicotine patch and nicotine gum.
Director of Duke University Medical Center's Nicotine Research Program and co-inventor of the nicotine patch, conducted the study at Duke University Medical Center to provide preliminary evaluation of the use of the Quest technology as a smoking cessation aid.
Washington, February 2 (ANI): Smokers who are treated with an extended nicotine patch are more likely to abstain from cigarettes for longer period of time than those using the standard regimen, suggests a new study.
The investigators wanted to find out what problems participants had encountered with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)--including the nicotine patch and nicotine gum--and whether they were receptive to trying long-term NRT.