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Feel like cashing in on your athletic ability for thousands of dollars, and still bear the noble title of ``amateur''?
But it will allow the buyer to use the noble title on their passport, credit cards and correspondence.
Born on July 1, 1961 into one of the grandest families of the British aristocracy, Diana apparently wanted for nothing: she had a fortune, a noble title and youthful beauty.
Donning his most regal robe, the Duke of Northumberland ( whose ancestral seat at Alnwick has been in the family for over 900 years ( even found time to "dub" those who he thought worthy of the noble title.
The winning bidder will assume an ancient noble title becoming 35th Baron or Baroness of Lee.
With the reluctant help of his pals (Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk) he makes up a noble title for himself, dons some battered old armour and goes out to try his luck in the lists.