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but a few italicized species-group names are nomina nuda, thus unavailable in terms of zoological nomenclature.
We, therefore, formally designate all of the genera and species listed below as nomina dubia.
They will be whatever name you say: et erunt quae nomina dicas (227).
The difference in Nomina is not merely that the poems are stronger but that the volume is so much more ambitious.
Hurtado examines manuscripts used by early Christians as artifacts that reveal aspects of early Christianity: the earliest texts of Old and New Testament; the preference for the codex over the scroll; the use of nomina sacra (abbreviations for sacred names); the staurogram (the chi-rho as the earliest symbol of the cross), and the size of codices.
It will be added to the already extensive list of 29 nomina dubia in Avicularia (Platnick 2008).
Kapitel wurde dargestellt, dasz Mandschu und Mongolisch agglutinierende Sprachen sind und durch das Anhangen der Suffixe beliebig von Nomina Verben, von Verben Nomina .
Chapter 3, on the nomina sacra, is particularly refreshing in its originality.
To nomina tea deserving child for the chance to win a Christmas they will never forget, simply fill out the nomination form and include a letter explaining in no more than 150 words why you think they deserve an extra special Christmas this year.
The text features some 6500 structures named in the World Association of Veterinary Anatomists' Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (N.
So the Gover ment stepped in andS decided to put the hand- out into a nomina account instead.
This notion of nomina sacra has proven challenging to understand.