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Dealers have been ordered to pay a small fraction of their criminal gains to the state - in some cases a nominal sum of just pounds 1.
The future of RaceTech, which the RCA bought from the BHB for a nominal sum in March 1998, has been under scrutiny for at least two years, since Arena and then Northern decided to make their own arrangements for services such as the starting stalls operation, photo finish and camera patrol.
Prosecution lawyer Michael Chambers said Shoukri had no assets and so the Crown and defence agreed on a nominal sum.
The portfolio was acquired for a nominal sum, with an undisclosed dowry received from BP in exchange for St.
Carron, D-Southbridge, sought to have the armory property transferred for a nominal sum, but instead the town had to buy it at an auction.
At the end of the five years, the supplier can buy the fully-depreciated machine for a nominal sum (the end value is determined when setting the per-part fee).
The domain was sold to the Ayrshire Hotels Association for a nominal sum by a local internet expert who had first registered it.
If no suitable buyers are found the Swedish subsidiaries will be taken over by Braathens' current main shareholders Braganza AS and Bramora AS for a nominal sum.
They pay into an escrow account in Tokyo a nominal sum for term crudes to be lifted.
For a nominal sum, individuals can rent a workspace, locker and a light (For the majority, there is no proper electricity supply, which makes evening home study impossible.
Wame will pay a nominal sum for the 2 permits, but Alecto can get a royalty on gold sold of about US$1mln for every venture or will a proportion of the proceeds if one or the other is sold.
Homesteading is buying a derelict house for a nominal sum and doing it up yourself.