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Vilnai also said that, as in previous years, Israel has made contact through intermediaries with its northern neighbors, notably Syria, to reassure them of its non-belligerent intentions.
John Fisher College) examines this question within the framework of bargaining theory, arguing that the key to understanding it is the way unexpected events in ongoing wars lead to revealed information that sufficiently changes the perceptions and calculations of leaders of non-belligerent states concerning the utility of engaging in hostilities.
A dog of any breed, or a non-belligerent among American, Irish, Labrador or Chesapeake, that chickens out?
Most of my students are supporting Obama because they believe that he will pull the troops out of Iraq and will lead a very non-belligerent government," Dr Cavell said.
Why would Israel be using special forces, apparently in a non-belligerent fashion, in a dangerous ground operation when shipments of weapons crossing from Syria can easily be spotted by Israel's spy drones and its warplanes?
But Mr Blix said: "If inspectors are allowed in and given unfettered access with no delays, I think this might play an important role and we'd be eager to do that and help towards a non-belligerent solution.
And if inspectors are allowed in and if they are given really unfettered access with no delays then I think this might play an important role and we would be eager to do that and to help towards a non-belligerent solution.
The Court distinguished Milligan by saying that Milligan was a non-belligerent.
In the very first days of January 1899, during the treaty debate, a cabinet member explained the thinking behind this non-belligerent posture to Robert L.
The same factors that influenced the Mexican government's vacillating but essentially non-belligerent approach also help explain why the Zapatistas' have preferred the current stalemate over a renewal of armed hostilities.
Ironically, minutes before his murder, Rabin attended a peace rally, where he joined non-belligerent Israelis in singing the "Song of Peace.
Syria is presently walking the tightrope in trying to keep its old alliances while at the same time building bridges, or at least non-belligerent relationships, with countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States.