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Most of my students are supporting Obama because they believe that he will pull the troops out of Iraq and will lead a very non-belligerent government," Dr Cavell said.
Why would Israel be using special forces, apparently in a non-belligerent fashion, in a dangerous ground operation when shipments of weapons crossing from Syria can easily be spotted by Israel's spy drones and its warplanes?
But Mr Blix said: "If inspectors are allowed in and given unfettered access with no delays, I think this might play an important role and we'd be eager to do that and help towards a non-belligerent solution.
And if inspectors are allowed in and if they are given really unfettered access with no delays then I think this might play an important role and we would be eager to do that and to help towards a non-belligerent solution.
The same factors that influenced the Mexican government's vacillating but essentially non-belligerent approach also help explain why the Zapatistas' have preferred the current stalemate over a renewal of armed hostilities.
Syria is presently walking the tightrope in trying to keep its old alliances while at the same time building bridges, or at least non-belligerent relationships, with countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States.
Threatening to use force against a non-belligerent nation, as our president recently did, is a violation of international law, as is using drones to kill suspected terrorists - including U.
These sources will assist in analyzing how providing space support may cause a non-belligerent nation to lose its neutral status.
In history, whenever Muslim armies entered a country they would give guarantees of life, property and honour to all the non-belligerents.
64) By implication, the Prize Court agreed that the sedes materiae of the validity of measures was the existence of a state of war when it held that: "The existence of a state of war or of neutrality in so far as non-belligerents are concerned cannot be discussed by the Court, for it is [its] duty to apply the law without examining its legality.
European Neutrals and Non-Belligerents during the Second World War, edited by Neville Wylie.