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Like the Kabakovs, a wave of Non-Conformist artists left Russia in the 1970s and 1980s, headed for Europe or the USA.
Harrison Parks vicar of Marton and Rural Dean and a non-conformist minister.
By the late nineteenth century, non-conformist institutions like the Salvation Army began to canvass the streets looking for girls to reform, and the competition for candidates encouraged the growth of educational classes, activities, a nd skill training--appropriately gendered of course--that shifted the framework from renouncing an old life to building a new one.
I find that many of our international executive search competitors are scared to recommend a non-conformist or "different" candidate to customers.
Both the product line and marketing strategy will reflect the irreverent, non-conformist image of Chupa Chups--the global leader in lollipops--whose unconventional candies have attracted a growing following of celebrities and personalities around the world.
Ever the non-conformist, Jamie, also 25, wore a pastel blue Paul Smith corduroy suit with flared trousers, a pink shirt with no tie and a pair of snake-skin loafers.
Thrown out of Harvard's graduate program in psychology as a non-conformist, and bedridden for much of her adulthood by an autoimmune disease, she became a writer of college psychology textbooks--work she could do from home.
Mir Murtaza Bhutto was certainly a non-conformist rebel against the unhealthy political atmosphere.
Why on earth would Gwynedd agree to such a settlement in an area where the non-conformist tradition is so strong and where parents have struggled for over a century against the influence of the Established Church in their children's education?
In Hebden Bridge he found a traditional way of life in decline, based around the non-conformist chapels, farming and factories which were going out of business.
The Manse was the minister's house for Huddersfield Highfield Independent Church, also known as Highfield Non-Conformist Church, which was set up by followers of charismatic evangelical vicar the Rev Henry Venn in 1772.
I will present the film and will collaborate with Al Zaidi on the screenplay, which will be directed by a maverick, non-conformist director from the Middle East," said Bhatt, who did not divulge the name of the director.

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