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1998a, b) proposed the lateral friction reaction model, which considers the non-linearity of behaviour and hysteresis attenuation for the calculations of vibratory piles.
Finally, we want to address a possible non-linearity in our model.
The estimated maximum distance was assumed as the maximum non-linearity of the downswing curve.
o Ultra-high accuracy with best-in-class non-linearity of +/- 8 LSB, maximum, and a digital output that allows designers to define digital filter characteristics based on system requirements.
The point is that non-linearity of demand is very difficult to forecast.
The problem raises two major difficulties: the non-linearity due to the temperature dependence of the thermal capacity and time varying boundary conditions.
Therefore, any model for the constitute soil behaviour must account for this non-linearity.
Due to unnecessary errors in the past, the conventional PI control scheme does not provide adequate control performance with the presence of non-linearity.
Topics include applications of stereo-computer vision, image registration techniques for angiography, intelligent video analysis of traffic, calibration of radial cameras, twin object-centered models for 3D reconstruction, face detectors in security systems (and in applications using non-linearity reduction methods), joint rotation along with shift and scale invariant feature extraction for content-based image retrieval, computer vision in planning the shortest path, Bayes-constrained particle swarm optimization in object detection and tracking, pixel labeling for color image segmentation, quality systems using Internet-based computer vision, and assessment of registration techniques (rigid, affine and nongrid).
Stylistically Marcom's prose reenacts trauma through non-linearity, compulsive repetition and negation: "This is an essay against Progress (it is not a progressive story), this essay does not do it, but like the maze of days of thoughts of memories and not memories, like the phrases which tumbled willy-nilly from a mother's mouth, or an invocation, a song;--repeat themselves endlessly, without form or with it?
In this environment, the non-linearity of the real world may turn out to be a real issue: hence the 0.

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