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As for the 181 localities that won by acclamation with 1683 seats, the non-partisan lists got 11.
We appeal to all concerned citizens or groups, please respect the non-partisan role of your AFP.
Voter registration events will be conducted in collaboration with other non-partisan campaigns.
The Free Patritic Movement leader went on to label any non-partisan government as imbuing fraudulence and resembling a fake cheque, especially that such kind of governments would seek to exercise caretaking duties to replace the current one, according to him.
And my response is, 'Being non-partisan does not mean that your words do not in fact help or hurt a candidate or a party.
10) Non-partisan voter identification activities Yes Yes
The Non-Partisan League expeditiously came into existence in Alberta in 1916 off the momentum of the election successes of the League in North Dakota and the rapid, overwhelming support it found in the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan.
Non-partisan offices are common in Oregon, at both the state land local level - county commissioners, city council members, school board members, judges, the state superintendent of public instruction and the commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries are already non-partisan.
VANCOUVER -- Canada's Income Tax Act should be amended to allow charities to use up to 100 per cent of their resources for non-partisan advocacy, says a report from the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society.
He hoped that the Sarajevo conference would mark a new chapter in objective, non-partisan reporting, in the Balkans and elsewhere.
It is interesting that the state Democratic chair would be so interested in becoming involved in a nominally "non-partisan" electi6n (Manchester switched to non-partisan elections a few years ago).
The Center is a leading non-partisan and non-profit research organization that studies the role of money in federal politics.