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CDA is carrying out operation not only against the illegal slums also against the nonconforming use of the houses in the city as well as the nonconforming use of the Agro Farms.
The Department of Ecology allows local jurisdictions, like Douglas County, to adopt their own Shoreline Master Plan regulations, addressing nonconforming use standards.
A nonconforming use of land generally is a use inconsistent with
By definition, a nonconforming use or structure is one in which the use or structure was legally permitted prior to a change in the law, and the change in law would no longer permit the re-establishment of such structure or use.
Regulations emerged in the zoning context that allowed a nonconforming use to continue provided there were no major alterations to the use.
12) A nonconforming use is "[a] use which lawfully existed prior to the enactment of a zoning ordinance, and which is maintained after the effective date of the ordinance, although it does not comply with the zoning restrictions applicable to the district in which it is situated.
Naeem Bukhari, argued that the CDA byelaws which prohibited nonconforming use were in contradiction to the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution of Pakistan and were liable to be struck down.
The Court of Appeals, in reversing the Appellate Division, held that "the determination of a zoning board regarding the continuation of a preexisting nonconforming use must be sustained if it is rational and supported by substantial evidence, even if the reviewing court would have reached a different result (citation omitted).
Under Arizona law, the right to continue a nonconforming use disappears once land is put to a different use.
The track first opened in the 1950s, but when Lane County adopted its zoning ordinance in the 1970s, it designated the 17-acre speedway for agriculture, grazing and timber, making it what's called a nonconforming use.
County Planning Director Kent Howe denied to the racetrack nearly a year ago a standing that would have allowed it to continue operating even though it didn't fit in with the area's zoning, called nonconforming use status.