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This vendor manual includes topics such as: description of the ordering process, buyer and vendor responsibilities, propriety rights, confidentiality, quality requirements, definition of the supplier's key performance items, establishment of order quantities tolerance, establishment of delay or anticipation tolerance, rebates in case on nonfulfillment, incoterms rules, payment conditions, logistical specifications and ethical, social and environmental requirements.
59) While some have considered, arguably correctly, that the territorial State always had the right to recognize an armed group as belligerents, even in case of nonfulfillment of the aforementioned criteria, (60) the same was not true vis-a-vis third States.
14, 1990) (elaborating on the concept of 'core obligations' as referring to states' obligations to satisfy individual's right to minimal essential levels of food, primary healthcare, shelter and housing, and education, the nonfulfillment of which could be considered as a prima facie violation of the Covenant).
57) Zhuks father was repressed in 1932 for the nonfulfillment of grain deliveries for six months.
Following a full-text review, 13 full-text articles were removed from the list due to nonfulfillment of one or more review criteria.
Third, the use of the customer satisfaction coefficient (CSC), as show in equations (1) and (2), is applied to understand how strongly a product (or service) attribute may affect satisfaction or, in the case of its nonfulfillment, customer dissatisfaction.
Nevertheless, she carried a deep sense of nonfulfillment and alienation.
I call all and only such active contributions to the nonfulfillment of human rights, when they are foreseeable and reasonably avoidable by the agent, human rights violations.
It is not necessary to mention the kingdoms of Judea and Israel, upon which the prophets directly placed moral norms and then reproached for their nonfulfillment.
In addition, TCE's assumption of bounded reliability (Verbeke & Greidanus, 2009) enables an exploration of unique types of commitment nonfulfillment in various governance contexts, including family firms.
The situation was quite serious because, as pointed out by Simar and Wilson (2007), the nonfulfillment of suppositions like separability would completely invalidate the results.
a perverse anticipation of the nonfulfillment of hope.