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108) This cherry picking practice would involve migrating high-profile intangibles to low-tax jurisdictions through QCSAs, while leaving nonprofitable R & D enterprises to relish the favorable tax treatment in high-tax countries.
The entity for nonprofitable operations will sell money-losing resort facilities and golf links in Japan and overseas to Aetos Japan.
In fact, some companies are considering selling off nonprofitable broadband divisions.
When that happened and the WMPTE took over, 80 buses were taken out of the Coventry service, all the buses on standby for sickness and breakdowns were ended, quality maintenance was changed to short-term repair and scrap, the drivers and garage workers pay was eroded, all nonprofitable routes cut to the bone, and the three managers in Coventry were increased to 11, every one of who got more pay than the original three put together.
Original equipment contracts are notoriously nonprofitable,'' because of pressure from automakers to lower prices, said Bob Ulrich, editor of Modern Tire Dealer magazine.
But they, I suspect, are going to leave the nonprofitable situations to us, which will put us even more at risk.
Jordan believes management will "involve itself with more strategic acquisitions," within the semiconductor sector as well as "prune down some of its nonprofitable product line.
It is a fantastic concept that falls into the same category as solar energy because it is nonprofitable.
Service providers are learning that they must compete based on the value of the services they deliver, as the days of the resale arbitrage carrier business model come to a nonprofitable demise.
501(c)(7) exempt organization is a club organized for pleasure, recreation and other nonprofitable purposes, substantially all of the activities of which are for such purposes and no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder.
Hence many are shrinking their boards, spinning off their nonprofitable units, adopting practices more sensitive to the costs of, and the return on, capital, investing heavily in information technologies, entering into new alliances, and the like.
And starting in April, the UK government has announced a series of tax breaks that will help alleviate research and development costs for smaller, high technology firms and nonprofitable companies.

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