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DYSPEPSIA, med. jur., contracts. A state of the stomach in which its functions are disturbed, without the presence of other diseases; or when, if other diseases are present, they are of minor importance. Dunglison's Med. Dict. h.t.
     2. Dyspepsia is not, in general, considered as a disease which tends to shorten life, so as to make a life uninsurable; unless the complaint has become organic dyspepsia, or was of such a degree at the time of the insurance, as, by its excess, to tend to shorten life. 4 Taunt. 763.

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In a recent, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in a developed country, eradication therapy proved successful in a subset of patients with nonulcer dyspepsia (19).
The 10 studies that were included met the following criteria: study patients had nonulcer dyspepsia and H pylori infection; combination therapy for H pylori and a control therapy without efficacy against H pylori were used; trials were randomized and controlled; a duration of at least 1 month after therapy was included; and symptoms of nonulcer dyspepsia were assessed.
pylori treatment for symptomatic nonulcer dyspepsia patients in whom upper GI endoscopy has revealed minimal or no mucosal defects.