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But despite the deadline, Namibia maintains that it will not sign the agreement in its current format.
The comparison groups consisted of 308 girls whose parents did not sign up for the reminders and 1,080 girls who had received a first or second dose of HPV vaccine in the same clinics in the 6 months before the intervention and served as historic controls.
No, I will not sign the execution order for Tareq Aziz, because I am a socialist," Talabani told French television France 24 in an interview.
Peru will not sign any agreement that impedes it from submitting any country's citizens to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court," then-Foreign Minister Manuel Rodriguez remarked in 2004.
Wisehart, who specializes in outsourced CFO consultants, notes they may not sign checks, bind a company in negotiations or otherwise obligate it for services, but within those limitations they can provide the senior financial management that many small to midsize companies need.
Cole still insists he will not sign for another Premiership club - but it is clear his Arsenal career is over.
I did not sign the Early Day Motion (EDM) laid down by Kevin Brennan MP on this issue.
But the 24-year-old did not sign a contract and has moved to LHF Healthplan National League One outfit Doncaster Dragons.
Because of coverture, wives "could not sign a binding contract, initiate or defend a lawsuit, or write a will" (18), yet ultimately the legal system was multidimensional and flexible enough to leave some room for female agency.
The taxpayer did not sign the SFRs; instead, he sought a redetermination in Tax Court, which dismissed for failure to state a claim in February 1998.
Robert did help draft the Declaration but did not sign it.
was told that if she did not sign and return the new resident agreement, her mother would be discharged within 30 days.