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NOTING. The name of the minute made by a notary on a bill of exchange, after it has been presented for acceptance or payment, consisting of the initials of his name, the date of the day, month and year when such presentment was made, and the reason, if any has been assigned, for non-acceptance or non- payment, together with his charge. The noting is not indispensable, it being only a part of the protest; it will not supply the protest. 4 T. R. 175 Chit. on Bills, 280, 398. See Protest.

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One of the thoughts that, as I don't in the least shrink now from noting, used to be with me in these wanderings was that it would be as charming as a charming story suddenly to meet someone.
Seeing himself placed next the Priest, and noting the ceremony, and thinking himself --being Captain of a ship --as having plain precedence over a mere island King, especially in the King's own house --the Captain coolly proceeds to wash his hands in the punch bowl; --taking it i suppose for a huge finger-glass.
This thrust did in a most sudden sort close the king's mouth, and he could offer naught to turn the argument; and so, reluctant, and full loth to do you the discourtesy, he yet prayeth you to consider his per- plexed case, as noting how the matter stands, and name the calamity -- if so be you have determined the nature of it and the time of its coming.
As I write, now, many months later, I perceive that each of us, by observing and noting and inquiring, diligently and day by day, had managed to lay in a most varied and opulent stock of misinformation.