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Guyer talks to Egyptian novelist MM Tawfik, who argues that the current wave of Egyptian genre novels is a reaction against the 1990s generation who were focused on their "innermost selves," not accessible writing.
The space given to each region is generally proportional, if not to the number of novelists from that area, to their prominence.
In their effort to promote these dubious causes, the Times Group has mobilized the support of precisely those people who are unable to distinguish reality from unreality - film stars and novelists.
If applied to the Arab Spring, are we, as novelists, going to lead issues by writing matters to stand behind this, force literary attitude and crystallise certain values to readers?
Novellist (right) is an inappropriate name for a horse, and also for most novelists.
Greg Kinnear is grouchy novelist Bill Borgens, who hasn't written a word since his wife (Jennifer Connelly) left him three years ago.
A page-turning controversy is unfolding over Wikipedia's categorization of American novelists, but maybe it doesn't have to be this way.
Southgate explores the relationship between history and fiction, believing that novelists have shown an awareness of the fluidity of the boundary between the two, whereas historians, whose attitudes are still influenced by Victorian concepts of history as an objective science, have failed to keep up, and 'theorists' of historical knowledge have failed to illuminate or engage their readers.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The Syrian well-known novelist Colett Khoury headed to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, to participate in General Conference of General Federation of Novelists and Arab Writers scheduled to be held on October1 7-24.
Try thinking of a writer who hasn't done 'history' over the past few decades--the list is pretty short, reflecting the fact that novelists are increasingly comfortable writing historical fiction.
How Contemporary Novelists Rewrite Stories From The Bible
Women Novelists before Jane Austen: The Critics and their Canons.