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No inicio do experimento o pomar tinha 12 anos e as plantas apresentavam boa uniformidade em funcao da qualidade das mudas que foram originadas de borbulhas retiradas de uma unica planta de clone nucelar de laranjeira Pera (Citrus sinensis L.
Summary: Nucelar experts have warned that the radiation plumes from the Fukushima power plant damaged by Japan's earthquake could reach Tokyo.
There are issues that Israel will have to deal with in terms of how it will receive any form of cooperation from nucelar supplier states, such as in providing fuel", Crail said.
sinensis, al igual que en los generos Fortunella y Poncirus, se debe a que cada una de sus numerosas formas cultivadas ha sido propagada a partir de un progenitor unico por via asexual a traves de injertos, esquejes, acodos y embrionia nucelar, lo que asegura el mantenimiento de la misma constitucion genetica en la descendencia que forma una variedad horticola (cultivar) o clonal (Webber, 1943).
Steam turbine products of GE consist of several types such as Reheat with a capacity of 83MW-425 MW, Non Reheat with a capacity of 250 MW, steam turbine using fossil fuel with a capacity of up to 900 MW, steam turbine using nucelar energy with a capacity of of up to 1,500 MW, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) with a capacity of 14MW-420 MW.
Campbell and Tsuyoshi Sunohara, "Japan: Thinking the Unthinkable" in The Nucelar Tipping Point: Why States Reconsider Their Nuclear Choices, ed.
Moving nucelar waste by rail is safer than by road but the authorities should not be complacent.
BRITISH rescue experts today set sail in a race against time to reach 118 seamen trapped on the seabed in a stricken Russian nucelar submarine.
which has an unofficial advisory relationship with the Nucelar Regulatory Commission.