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An assumption or theory.

During a criminal trial, a hypothesis is a theory set forth by either the prosecution or the defense for the purpose of explaining the facts in evidence. It also serves to set up a ground for an inference of guilt or innocence, or a showing of the most probable motive for a criminal offense.


noun assertion, assignment of cause, assumption, conclusion drawn from accepted truths, conjecture, deduction, guess, inference, postulate, postulation, speculation, suggestion, supposal, surmise, tentative explanation, tentative law, theory, thesis, unproved theory
See also: assumption, basis, belief, conclusion, conjecture, deduction, generalization, idea, inference, opinion, postulate, presumption, prolepsis, proposition, speculation, supposition, theory, thesis
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073 (a)(4) Notes: (a,b) denote significance respectively at the 5% and 10% levels in rejecting the null hypothesis.
Numbers in brackets are the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis that the residual autocorrelation is zero.
Testing the null hypothesis of stationaity against the alternative of a unit root, Journal of Econometrics 54: 159-178.
The maximum eigenvalue test failed to reject the null hypothesis of one cointegrating vector.
143 Reject Reject Index null hypothesis RETURN is stationary NSE Fail to Reject Fail to Reject Fail to Reject Fail to Reject BSE Fail to Reject Fail to Reject Fail to Reject Fail to Reject Table II Results of ADF, PP and KPSS Tests 1997-2007 Index Frequency ADF Test null PP unit root Statistic hypothesis: test, with (5 lags RETURN intercept with has a unit and 4lags in intercept root error process and trend) NSE Daily -21.
The null hypothesis that Nigerians who desire a second official language will not prefer French to other languages is rejected while the alternative hypothesis that Nigerians who desire a second official language will prefer French to other languages is accepted
The proponents of reversing the null hypothesis should be extremely careful what they wish for," concludes Curry.
In order to test the null hypothesis there is a significant difference in the behavioural changes of the members in problematic situations before and after joining the SHGs.
Table 1 shows the proportion of rejections under the null hypothesis in 500 trails for sample sizes ([n.
The forecast fails to be unbiased if we reject (i) the null hypotheses that [alpha] = 0 and [beta] = 1 individually and/or jointly, and (ii) the null hypothesis that [alpha]' = 0.
a) If the test statistic is in the region of rejection (RR), reject the null hypothesis and state the conclusion in one or more complete sentences.
The series of yearly mean altitudes of TBE foci was tested against the null hypothesis of random elevation by using the Spearman rank correlation (2-tailed test; null hypothesis = temporal and altitudinal rankings are uncorrelated) and the test for stationarity of Kwiatkowski et al.