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The digital camera was placed such that the numerical aperture of the DLHM was 0.
Taking that wavelength as comprising the light used for observation, a 20X fluorite microscope objective with a numerical aperture of 0.
As with other blue laser formats (and like HD-DVD), BD technology utilizes a shorter wavelength--405 nanometer blue violet laser--that, when combined with a higher numerical aperture and tighter track pitch, enables greatly improved bit density on the 120mm disc.
in Japan and an objective lens with a numerical aperture of 0.
If this material composition is used in GRIN plastic optical fibers, it will result in a numerical aperture, NA = 0.
This distinction belongs to the numerical aperture (NA), which is written next to the magnification, but in a smaller font, and in this case is 1.
Reference measurement kit of lenses comprises three lenses with different values of numerical aperture in accordance with the technical specification attached to the tender dokumentam.
Among specific topics are analyzing the phase distribution of focused light in high numerical aperture systems, methods of studying periodic waves in the evolution of art, measuring weld geometry using image processing technology, beam pointing precision control using a liquid crystal optical phased array, traceability for area surface texture measurement, and fabricating large grating by monitoring the latent fringe pattern.
They are also available in higher numerical aperture designs.
Two fiber coupled diode laser arrays offer substantially higher brightness than previously available from the company, without any sacrifice in reliability or lifetime* Specifically, the FAP 200 delivers either >50 W at 976 nm or >30 W at 808 nm from a 200 [micro]m core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.
PFS was designed to maintain a crisp image even when reagents are used with high numerical aperture objectives and when techniques such as TIRF are employed.

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