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Stubblefield has been a nurse midwife in the Wenatchee Valley since 2004, delivering more than 900 babies in that time.
The nurse midwife claimed the patient did not have a vaginal infection; she never reported symptoms of a foul-smelling vaginal odor or discharge.
They receive most of their instruction through distance learning or in their communities, where they do a clinical practicum with a nurse practitioner or nurse midwife.
Leigh Wood is a certified nurse midwife who has delivered babies in Bamberg SC since 1982.
At all times pertinent to the factual allegations, [Goslin] did not hold a license to practice as a nurse midwife in Pennsylvania.
That way, when the time comes to deliver, the mother is familiar and comfortable with the certified nurse midwife who is on call at that time.
As with anything, our increasing reliance on technology has pros and cons, says Heather Reynolds, CNM, MSN, FACNM, a certified nurse midwife and associate professor at Yale Medical Center in New Haven, CT.
MIDWIFE AND A HOSPITAL: When Tanya Moore became pregnant with her first child this year, she wanted it to be delivered by a certified nurse midwife.
The hospital had a protocol for certified nurse midwives that required the nurse midwife to be under the supervision of an attending obstetrical physician, to whom the nurse midwife was responsible, and would be readily available for consultation and medical direction.

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