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In 2004, two nursing research alliances in upstate New York simultaneously developed: the Capital District Alliance, organized in the metropolitan Albany area, and the Leatherstocking Alliance for Research in Nursing (LeARN) in rural, south-central New York.
As we look ahead and governments eventually come to understand the significant social benefits and public good outcomes achieved by nursing research, it is my dream that nursing research will receive the funding it deserves in order to address some of the most important health care issues confronting our society.
STTI has established an on-line nursing research library that can be accessed at: www.
While at the National Institute of Nursing Research, Kerr oversaw an annual budget of more than $140 million.
The first UNB Faculty of Nursing Research Day was held in April 1996 to promote health research.
This year's roundtable focused on how to best position nursing and nursing research to play a central role in future trends affecting the research and patient care environments.
Scott wrote the Perioperative Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program (PPUPP): An Innovative Effort to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in Surgical Patients which showcases the Memphis VA's nursing research and aggressive approach to improving patient safety and outcomes
Community Program Renews Interest in Nursing Research
Carnegie spent 35 years on the editorial staff of the American Journal of Nursing, as well as the editor emeritus of Nursing Research.
Munn Center for Nursing Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Nursing research in Canada : methods, critical appraisal, and utilization.
ICU nursing research also contributes to the progression of ICU knowledge, promotes better patient care and best practice, all of which address important challenges that ICU nursing is facing currently in South Africa.

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