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He added and appreciate the government steps to recruit the nursing staff in the hospitals, adding that the government must take action to recruit more nursing staff in hospitals as soon as possible and provide best health care facilities to the public.
Since the 2010/11 financial year, more than PS60m has been spent on covering temporary shortages in nursing staff.
She said evidence from California and parts of Australia where a mandatory system was in place showed the upfront costs of nursing staff led to savings in the longer run.
We have now arrived at a time when legislation is needed to ensure appropriate levels of nursing staff are assured across our services.
I have deep sympathy for Labour MP Ann Clwyd who was subjected to appalling treatment by nursing staff in the days approaching her husband's death in hospital recently.
The SWYPFT nursing staff, including qualified nurses and nursing support staff work in both inpatient services and also in the local community, supporting people to live their lives to the full.
Nursing staff of Polyclinic also arranged a ceremony, which was attended by Polyclinic Executive Director (ED) Shaukat Kiani, Head Nurse Mewa Khan and Nursing Superintendent Nasreen Moeen.
You never read about the praise for hard-pressed staff, any praise for the doctors, and especially the nursing staff who tend to your needs and give you reassurance.
Identifying and maintaining the appropriate number and mix of nursing staff is a problem experienced by nurses at every level in all settings.
In the past year, eight more members of the hospital's nursing staff received CCRN certification, bringing the total number of CCRN certified nurses to 18--more than 50 percent of the unit's nursing staff.
The kit acknowledges that safe staffing goes beyond numbers and includes such variables as workloads, work environments, patient acuity, skill levels and mix of nursing staff.

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