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Vignette's StoryServer and Open Market's OM-Transact provide the comprehensive, extensible capabilities needed to produce and manage the site.
SecureLink for Windows NT will enable online businesses to quickly and easily link to an OM-Transact system and immediately benefit from robust Internet commerce transaction processing.
OM-Transact enables companies to offer secure real-time payment processing, complete order management, and online customer service.
We are very pleased to partner with a corporation of Mitsui's status and to have our first sales opportunity for OM-Transact in Japan," said Gary Eichhorn, president and CEO of Open Market.
Unlike any other software available today, OM-Transact offers secure payment, complete order management, and online customer service.
We believe that no other product available today offers the complete Internet commerce transaction services based on open standards with such flexibility as OM-Transact," said Gary Eichhorn, president and CEO of Open Market.
Open Market plans to deliver its innovative OM-Transact Internet commerce software on HP-UX in the first quarter of 1997 and partner strategically with HP on NT later in the year.
For example, OM-Transact customers merchandising on the Web can use OM-Express to help organize and deliver customized product information to their users.
OM-Transact enables AT&T to offer business customers new services such as: complete order management, online customer service, security, buyer authentication, record-keeping, flexible purchasing and payment models, and secure transaction processing, including sales tax and shipping charges.
s Secure WebServer, OM-Transact and OM-Axcess products that provide the secure infrastructure for conducting commerce over the Internet and World Wide Web.
We have worked very closely with AT&T to ensure that OM-Transact is the best Internet commerce software for their innovative new SecureBuy Service.