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The practical necessity of OMB oversight of the federal regulatory process was explained by Judge Wald when she wrote "Single mission agencies do not always have the answer to complex regulatory problems.
Typical of the OMB, none of the "experts" testifying against my practices had heard of the amendments to the Medical Practice Statute, made in 1995, and were unaware of legitimate alternative practices.
In addition, OMB is urging agencies to demand deeper discounts on blanket purchase agreements.
OMB's proposed Bulletin was the latest step by OMB in its
Robert Shull, director of regulatory policy at the nonprofit OMB Watch, suspects the general direction of OMB and OIRA won't change much, regardless of who is administrator, given that the general direction has already been set by the Bush administration.
In fiscal year 2005, OMB introduced a new privacy management section of FISMA reporting, which removes privacy compliance reporting from the annual E-Government Act report to the annual FISMA report.
Information about the OMB report is available online at http:// www.
We conclude that OMB's numbers are plausible, given the methodology that OMB uses.
Every product that the OMB releases must be virtually perfect, both in legal language and in numerical accuracy.
Chipman begins to answer his question by arguing that the OMB has not adequately balanced the two interests--public and private--that it was meant to serve.
The OMB challenge would cost the corporation about $80,000.
The recommendations in May came in the form of a "prompt letter," which does not force agency action but calls attention to issues the OMB considers a priority.