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OBEDIENCE. The performance of a command.
     2. Officers who obey the command of their superiors, having jurisdiction of the subject-matter, are not responsible for their acts. A sheriff may therefore justify a trespass under an execution, when the court has jurisdiction, although irregularly issued. 3 Chit. Pr. 75; Ham. N. P. 48.
     3. A child, an apprentice, a pupil, a mariner, and a soldier, owe respectively obedience to the lawful commands of the parent, the master, the teacher, the captain of the ship, and the military officer having command; and in case of disobedience, submission may be enforced by correction. (q.v.)

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57) But Gaelic honor was not founded purely on good lineage and martial valor, and O Cleirigh was careful to show that the militarism and freedom of action of the Gaelic lord was constrained, on the one hand, by certain duties and responsibilities grounded in notions of good lordship and, on the other, by obediance to higher secular authorities in Europe, namely the King of Spain.
The policeman's best friend picked up trophies for Best Obediance champion, Best Criminal Work and the prestigious Best Obediance and Criminal Work Combined.
Dignified bosses today demand perfect obedience and obediance is the dead-end of all life.