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However, this new code is easily spotted as strange and alien, and a reverse engineering may identify it as obfuscator introduced very easily.
24) If anything, the situation in Grabbe's comedy, with the German Shakespeare critic rather unjustly presented as an obfuscator, is reminiscent of the way in which continental translation scholars devoting their time to the plays and the poems, despite hard and honest labour, were not always recognized by their English colleagues as furthering the general cause, if they were recognized as full-fledged members of the Shakespearian community at all.
You've heard of the golden handshake and the golden handcuffs, now let me present, ladies and gentlemen, that modern obfuscator of reality: the `golden tongue-strap'.
It's something Bill Clinton supposedly comprehends but plainly doesn't practice; in fact, he may go down in history as The Great Obfuscator.
All exception reports can then be automatically download from the exception reporting service and viewed within Crypto Obfuscator.
Peter Hoffmann, no less authoritative an historian, called him "a great obfuscator.
This obfuscator by LogicNP Software supports all versions of the .