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Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the CFI60-2 objective series for industrial microscopes on October 1, 2012, which further enhances the capabilities of chromatic-aberration reduction and long working distances compared with the CFI60 objective series.
A political strategy tightly coupled with achievable military objectives is the only way for the public to be able to judge progress.
Make sure that operational goals are reasonable and aligned to business objectives.
The above named objectives in humanism indicate that education should reflect all of life's relevant endeavors.
A behavioral objective was for the elementary student to assume the role of a travel agent and identify five interesting facts about the wall to share with someone who would be traveling to China.
For objectives to be successfully achieved, it is necessary to identify an area of responsibility, such as improving performance or service, and to prioritise them by those which "must" be done and those which "we would like to have done".
It should be no surprise that few software-intensive programs ever achieve the lofty objectives set forth in their initial APB.
A customized assessment structure likely will consist of 20 to 30 objectives across the four COSO components that relate specifically to company-level controls (excluding the control activities component).
Such assessments require careful definition of objectives and a comparison of results to certain baseline conditions.
Statewide, 81 percent of the Title III agencies met both the first and second objectives.
Black Dragon Software, LLC, an emerging provider of software and services targeted at IT Security Risk Measurement and enterprise risk modeling, has announced the launch of proVisor, the industry's first quantifiable, objective, standards-based Security Risk Measurement solution.