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For strengthening the obliques, the top five exercises are:
obliques and hamstrings) must be included into overall training.
She does the same number of oblique crunches on the other side, with her left elbow pointed toward her right hip.
Wrestling requires plenty of upper body strength, and that means working on your oblique (oh-BLEEK) muscles, located along the sides of your trunk.
Move your right hand to your right side aiming to touch your ankle by squeezing in your obliques, hold for a count of one, come back to your starting position, then move to your left side squeezing in your obliques, hold for a count of one and repeat.
To stimulate the obliques, add a twist to the right and left at the mid-range of the exercise (Photo 3).
Works on: Strengthens the internal and external obliques as well as shoulders and rear deltoids.
Oblique Reach Sit-Up Benefits:This exercise tones the abdominals and obliques to help accentuate your waist.