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Survivability refers to the ability of an aircraft to evade radar detection through the use of low observable or stealth technologies.
Brown and Finkelstein (2007), Ivaldi (1996), and Makki and Somwaru (2001) provide further empirical evidence on unused observables.
The above notifications about quantum observables point out clearly the complete incorrectness of item [I.
Adaptation situation: Some observables allow to track down a change of state in the space of the information of context.
These predictions show that the radiative decay mode of the neutron, while a rare process, should be observable in the laboratory.
Tom Dobrenz's accomplishments in the field of low observable shave helped put Northrop Grumman at the forefront of this critical technology,'' said Gary W.
This self-contained assessment tool not only helps with supplying grades, but also provides the teacher with an opportunity to track observable behaviors, record grades and attendance, print out reports, and create lesson plans.
1) were imagined some thought experiments on a quantum microparticle, destined to simultaneous measurements of two (canonically) conjugated observables A and B (such are coordinate q and momentum p or time t and energy E).
Such a high analyzing power, together with the large polarization of the cold neutron beam ([approximately equal to]90%) provides an unprecedented sensitivity for spin observables.
Northrop Grumman is responsible for design and integration of the JSF center fuselage section, including the subsystems; development of a substantial portion of JSF mission systems software; ground and flight test support; development of flight control software for the Navy carrier variant; development support in the area of signature/low observables, and support of modeling and simulation activities.
The strengths of these amplitudes from theoretical calculations are not well known, and experimental measurements of parity-violating (PV) observables in different nuclear systems have not constrained their values.
Measurements of low-energy parity-violating observables in nuclear systems are the only accessible means to study the flavor-conserving weak hadronic interaction.