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The Turing test itself fails the reasonableness principle, and its implementations to date in various competitions have failed the absoluteness, occasionality, flexibility, and transparency principles, a clean sweep of inappropriateness for an AI inducement prize contest.
These conventional tropes, however, do not tell the full story of the function of these speeches and the eloquence with which they articulate a sense of the plays' occasionality and poetic durability.
Rather than abstract collaboration from its institutional setting in order to generalize and extend it as a uniform poetics, that is, Joint Enterprises argues that dramatic collaboration was fundamentally premised on the professional autonomy and individualism of its members--just one of the competitive frictions on which its alchemy could operate--and accordingly that the subjects of our greatest interest are not the Beaumonts and Fletchers, those artificially and retroactively idealized patron saints of the practice, but instead the more numerous and minor writing teams whose very occasionality reveals the material pressures that brought them together and to which their efforts responded.
Adding thrust to your merchandising, Guinness will continue to drive occasionality by spending $15 million on advertising.
As Paul Hammond has recently observed of Dryden's work as a whole, his writing "may often appear to be obsessively timely" in its self-conscious contemporaneity of reference as in its pronounced occasionality, yet at the same time "Belatedness haunts Dryden's writing, as if any modern writing must inevitably be late.