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Rather than abstract collaboration from its institutional setting in order to generalize and extend it as a uniform poetics, that is, Joint Enterprises argues that dramatic collaboration was fundamentally premised on the professional autonomy and individualism of its members--just one of the competitive frictions on which its alchemy could operate--and accordingly that the subjects of our greatest interest are not the Beaumonts and Fletchers, those artificially and retroactively idealized patron saints of the practice, but instead the more numerous and minor writing teams whose very occasionality reveals the material pressures that brought them together and to which their efforts responded.
Michael Wilding's "John Milton: The Early Works" offers some interesting insights into the widespread occasionality of Milton's early poetic performances, but sometimes imposes the political vision of the mature Milton on poems that have little traffic with this vision.
Looking at occasionality, wine has a higher share of the drinking repertoire on sociable occasions with 43% of all alcohol drunk being wine compared with 39% for all off-trade occasions.