Occupational Disease

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Occupational Disease

A disease resulting from exposure during employment to conditions or substances that are detrimental to health (such as black lung disease contracted by miners).

An individual suffering from an occupational disease can seek compensation for his or her condition under Workers' Compensation statutes or such federal legislation as the Black Lung Benefits Act of 1972, 30 U.S.C.A. § 901 et seq. Worker's compensation statutes typically require that the worker contract the disease during the course of employment; that the disease be peculiar to the worker's job by virtue of how it is caused and manifested or how job conditions result in a particular hazard, unlike employment in general; and that there be a substantially greater risk of contracting the disease or condition on the job in a different, more serious manner, than in general public experiences.

occupational disease

n. an illness resulting from long-term employment in a particular type of work, such as black lung disease among miners, or cancer among asbestos installers. If the chances of being afflicted by such an illness are significantly higher than the average in the population then a former employee may receive benefits from Social Security or workmen's compensation for a work-related disability.

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The influence of the dummy variables on the mean of the dependent variable is tested by using F-statistics, and the addition of the dummy variables is found to explain some of the variation in the incidence of occupational disease.
Several states use minimum exposure requirements to limit compensable claims to those where a worker has been exposed to certain hazardous substances for a period sufficient to cause the occupational disease.
Setting parameters of occupational disease compensation programs occur both in the private marketplace and in the political arena.
The latest in an ongoing increase in so called "new vintage" occupational disease claims has manifested itself via "carbonless paper.
Motley Rice attorneys continue to seek justice in the areas of: catastrophic injury; complex case resolution; securities and consumer fraud; environmental hazards and contamination; medical negligence and defects; occupational disease and toxic torts; and transportation defects.
According to a statement issued by K-Electric on Wednesday, this award is given to companies displaying the best Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management and Emergency Response Systems, Policies, OHS and E implementation and Performance assessment, minimum industrial accidents and occupational disease control.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Recognizes Employee's Right to Civil Action for Latent Occupational Disease
Latex allergy is a notifiable occupational disease, and it is the employer's responsibility to provide a latex-safe environment for atopic individuals.
The WCB is increasingly recognizing and accepting new occupational disease claims arising from terminal cancers such as silicosis and mesothelioma.
Occupational diseases affecting musculoskeletal system Occupational disease Conditions of origin 1 Diseases of blood vessels in Items 1-3: hands while working with vibrating tools and Diseases developing during machines.
The court held, inter alia, that while it is certainly true that the last exposure rule applies in such cases, the definition of an occupational disease as set forth in Florida Law is not so limited.
Having played such a key role in generating occupational disease (tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis and HIV/AIDS) over more than a century, this industry continues to ignore mineworkers' occupational health needs and to block efforts at prevention or a just compensation dispensation.

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