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A second argument is that "the odds ratio is incomprehensible" (Lee 1994).
Adjustments for other confounding variables and effect modifiers--including maternal smoking, education, folic acid use, and gravidity--did not have a significant effect on the odds ratios, Ms.
Only 496 in this group opted for VBAC (adjusted odds ratio 0.
Moreover, the odds ratio was significant in patients with and without concurrent coronary heart disease (CHD).
The odds ratio of a trichomonas infection associated with vaginal symptoms was 3.
Among noncarriers of the [epsilon]4 allele, novelty-seeking activities carried an adjusted odds ratio of 0.
Overall, the odds ratio for violent behavior was 12.
0 kg in the 5 years before their last menstrual period were nearly twice as likely (crude odds ratio 1.
Compared with women who had never been pregnant, women who had had one pregnancy had an odds ratio of 1.
However, the association between alcohol abuse and depression (adjusted odds ratio 1.
Complete data were collected on 3,670 subjects in three rounds of follow-up over a 10-year period; the average odds ratio for mortality was 0.
Risk factors for mortality included pulmonary fibrosis, with an odds ratio of 6.