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I wish Rachelle the best of luck for the upcoming Miss England competition and more importantly explaining the off side rule, double good luck in that area.
To stand up to Giles and let three sets of off side byes totalling ten was just embarrassing.
Kaplan said: ``The one incident where there was an off side (for Mark Cueto's disallowed try), I can't see any conclusive evidence to disprove my decision.
But an FAW proposal to only apply the off side rule in penalty areas might be chalked off the agenda at the International FA Board meeting held in Cardiff on Saturday
Firstly, they have to look at the ball that's trying to break the off side trap.
After having goals ruled out for off side and hand-ball, the U's went a goal down on 40 minutes when John Hills made his way down the left and pulled the ball back for Richard Walker to shoot home.
Chris Jones then went off side and Fabian kicked the 26th minute penalty for 3-5 to Lions.
Then Brown had the ball in the net only to see the linesman's flag raised again for off side.
This ability might head off side effects for some drugs.
Lewis Murray eventually broke the off side trap to secure the advantage for Corrymeela.
Aber thought they had scored on the hour, but Paul Moore was ruled off side as he converted a Gari Lewis shot that appeared to be going wide.
CHARLTON boss Alan Curbishley believes the new off side law is killing the art of defending as he looked for his side to recover immediately from their ``mugging'' by Arsenal against Blackburn today.