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Ismayilova has been sentenced to jail for one reason: because she wrote critical stories about official corruption," said John Hughes, the National Press Club's president.
A case of official corruption involving SR22 million, allegedly committed by the chairman of a committee in Jazan, has been unearthed.
Over 70 percent of Chinese citizens support the death penalty in cases of official corruption, according to a November, 2014, poll conducted by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily.
In June 2012, LFHH expanded its existing anti-corruption education campaign (ALAC) and hotline, which combats official corruption in the Government of Haiti (GOH), to support the efforts of USAID/Haiti and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in preventing, detecting, and prosecuting fraud, waste, and abuse in USAID/Haiti projects.
But his supporters say he was a threat to the Kremlin because he was determined to expose official corruption.
This comes following the issuance of a travel ban by the NPKC against the ousted Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra who was toppled in a military cope last May 2014 as she is expected to face official corruption charges on February 21.
According to the BBC, the block was imposed in late March, soon after recordings alleging official corruption were aired on the site.
Navalny, 37, gained prominence with an Internet-based crusade against alleged official corruption and helped lead a wave of street protests against Putin in 2011-2012.
Better living conditions, an end to official corruption and more democratic rights figured prominently in those protests.
Official corruption occurs in all societies and countries.
The last few weeks have seen a string of events that would topple a government, or at least some of its members, in any other part of the world: A nasty exchange of corruption allegations between two ministers followed the flooding of streets and homes due to severe rainfall, the country's Customs Authority showed itself to be dead set against transparency and serving the national interest and the country's biggest prison is reportedly beset by official corruption.
The country recently tumbled 10 places to rank 40th in a global index of perceived official corruption following a spate of scandals in the ruling People's Party and the royal family.