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The older girl described during visits to Brooks home how he started by kissing her on the lips and progressed to touching her chest area.
At one point the innocent victims are ordered to their knees by the older girl and made to say 'sorry' to another female.
Both defendants deny murder, with the older girl saying she did not intend serious harm, and her co-accused claiming she did not encourage or take part in the violence.
The older girl said Jones would get her to play the muscle game - she would feel the muscles on various parts of his body and he would feel her muscles.
Later on that day, when the two girls were taken back to their mother's house, the older girl looked sad and when asked how they were, the younger daughter told her mother that her sister had cried that day.
Elizabeth McLelland, 43, from Ayr, intervened when she saw a nine-yearold fighting with the older girl in Mossblown, Ayrshire.
Dowd, of Prince William Street, Toxteth, was convicted of four specimen offences of raping the older girl and nine offences of indecently assaulting her as well as attempted rape, indecent assault and voyeurism on the younger girl.
Whenever the older girl turned to face us, this woman shook her finger menacingly at the child.
Would a guy be weirded out if an older girl liked him?
His mother had let him off his daily chores because she thought he would be safe with the older girl, said Aftab Jafferjee QC, prosecuting.
The older girl and her friend, Sasha Wood, 13, say they went to help a classmate who was fighting with another girl.
The older girl told how she was raped, burned with cigarettes and boiling sugared water and told, 'You are going to die.

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