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Their method - using wage growth to proxy the amount of on-the-job training - has been used by other researchers studying the effects of training (Lazear 1976; Landes 1977).
Black veterans, after all, would still have to secure skilled jobs once they completed the training, and, given the South's penchant for keeping blacks "in their place," on-the-job training seemed like a wasted effort to many prospective instructors.
ONE OF THE FIRST QUESTIONS THAT a security manager will ask before attempting to develop an in-house on-the-job training program is "How do I do it?
yE[currency]KUR runs vocational training programs regularly; however, it does not pay any salaries for its participants or for those enrolled in on-the-job training courses.
In many instances, on-the-job training would provide adequate preparation for such occupations as 11 positions in health care, 17 of 22 positions in the transportation or equipment manufacturing field, and eight of 27 positions in software and computer system design.
Mr Olner said: "Learning from a trainee is a great way of seeing just how much experience is gained during on-the-job training.
The four- to five-year program requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 1,000 hours of classroom instruction.
It improves competence, increases productivity and adds value to on-the-job training, as well as generating better morale and increased employee loyalty.
Bramucci, who is ultimately responsible for the operation of the H-1B grants, says that "the training I trust most is on-the-job training.
The second step, which to date is the area in which we have made the greatest inroads, is orientation and on-the-job training.
Typically, workers will begin on-the-job training with an experienced professional and advance as they master skills at each level of instruction.