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The plasma oncotic pressure was measured as mmHg with an Osmomat 050 Colloid Osmometer Viscometer (Gonotec GmbH, Germany).
Table One: Liver functions and consequences of failure Liver function Consequences of failure Metabolism, synthesis and storage * malnourishment of carbohydrates, fats and * low serum albumin leading to: proteins (including albumin) low plasma oncotic pressure, ascites, and cerebral edema.
Increased permeability of the pleural membrane, increased pulmonary capillary pressure, decreased negative intrapleural pressure, decreased oncotic pressure, and obstructed lymphatic flow are some of the mechanisms leading to an increase in pleural fluid.
Albumin is a major contributor to oncotic pressure of plasma.
The role of low intravascular oncotic pressure as a cause of outward fluid movement has been overstated, as experimental models and most patients with nephrotic syndrome do not show a decreased transcapillary osmotic gradient.
Presumably, an increase in circulating proteins inducing an increase in plasma oncotic pressure mechanism was not responsible for the increase of % TBW in this present investigation.
Crystalloids will result in a reduced plasma oncotic pressure and an accumulation of fluid in the tissues.
Since a low colloid oncotic pressure promotes edema formation in patients with renal and liver disease, and since the main component of the colloid oncotic pressure is albumin, we conducted a study to determine if OSA patients with edema have lower serum albumin levels than OSA patients without edema.
Major physiologic functions of albumin include maintaining plasma oncotic pressure, serving as a reservoir of amino acids for incorporation into other proteins, and transporting a wide variety of low-molecular-weight molecules.
This was done in an effort to keep the patients with adequate intravascular oncotic pressure but with a negative fluid balance.
Keep in mind that women with multiple gestations have an elevated risk of cardiovascular complications, such as pulmonary edema resulting from anemia, lower colloid oncotic pressure, and higher blood volume.
The increased blood volume of pregnancy along with the decreased colloid oncotic pressure is going to make a woman particularly vulnerable to heart failure if she also has LVH.