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An immediate implication was that even the most evil, sadistic and perverse of tyrants had to be obeyed: "patience, earnest prayers to God, and amendment of their hues, are the onely lawful meanes to moue God to relieue [subjects] of that heauie curse," "For a king cannot be imagined to be so vnruly and tyrannous, but the common-wealth will be kept in better order, notwithstanding thereof, by him, than it can be by his way-taking.
13 Keepe backe thy seruante also from presumtuous sinnes, that they raigne not ouere mee:--(73) There be 2 thinges onely which seeme to neede explication: 1 Presumptuous sinnes.
not onely in Travell by Sea and Land, but also in writing the Report thereof, a worke to him [ie.
Experiments conducted in the Royal Society are practiced "not onely by the hands of Learned and profess'd Philosophers but from the Shops of Mechanicks, from the Voyages of Merchants, from the Ploughs of Husbandmen, from the Sports, the Fishponds, the Parks, the Gardens of Gentlemen" and in a word, "men of various Studies" (Sprat 164-65).
Onely too hastie zeal my hopes did foil, Pressing to feed her Lamp, I spilt my Oil: And, that (which most reproach upon me hurl'd) Was dead to her, gives life to all the world: Natures chief Prop, and Motions primest Source, In me both lost their figure, and their force.
While the godly were resisting pelagianism and anti-Calvinism, there was a counterpoint portrayed in Granger's dialogue: "almost none of our substantiall men care for him, nor any that is Wise, onely a few ignorant base fellowes favour him" and they for food and drink.
Vainglory is imagining power based "on the flattery or others; or onely supposed by himselfe, for delight in the consequences of it" (ibid.
His subversion of any form of moral sanctions in his pursuit of power, is emblematic of the secular Renaissance man who believes that 'religion of itself a bable,/ Was onely found to make vs peaceable'.
So that it is evident, that whatsoever we believe, upon no other reason, then what is drawn from authority of men onely, and their writings; whether they be sent from God or not, is Faith in men onely (Ibid.
Pp Perhaps the most important post-rock act of them all, Mogwai have been quietly (but n actual terms REALLY noisily) ploughing their own, brutally onely, furrow for more than 15 years.
Little respect is taken but by your Maiesty, for the posterity and prosperity of your Kingdom; too many destroyers, but few or none at al doth plant or preserue: by reason thereof there is not Timber left in this Kingdome at this instant onely to repaire the buildings thereof an other age, much lesse to build withalh whereby this greeuance doth daily increase.
Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a onely, bullied 12-year-old with a errible haircut and a drunken sinle mum, who's intrigued by the arrival next door of a young girl and what seems to be her father Richard Jenkins).