Onerous contract

ONEROUS CONTRACT, civil law. One made for a consideration given or promised, however small. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 1767.

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Update of the provision for onerous contract related to the DSCV SBM Installer long term charter at a cost of c.
While an overly onerous contract can (on occasion) be somewhat offset by the application of civil law concepts, such as good faith, the application of these concepts should not be relied upon.
No further explanation is given other than "net termination and onerous contract costs".
Therefore, there is a requirement to recognize a provision for an onerous contract only when specific guidance applies.
The nature of contracting for community services has changed dramatically, with a more consistent, comprehensive and, frankly, more onerous contract than optical practices have previously encountered.
I hope the change came from the player himself, but I also wonder (and this is purely speculation on my part) whether heavy hints were being dropped from the boardroom that it might be best to get him in the shop window to show what he can do, in order to get his onerous contract off the books as quickly as possible.
Then when you receive a copy of an onerous contract provision that one of your insureds has signed, you may take it in stride knowing that it's just part of the risk management process.
Sometimes teams are just looking for any way to get out from an onerous contract or open up a spot for a young player who needs more seasoning.
In such an environment, the Players cannot force any onerous contract terms on the NFL.
The Champions League Twenty20 2010, which kicked off on Friday, has for the second consecutive year witnessed the absence of a key player in the Bushrangers squad due to an onerous contract with his Indian Premier League team.
The net operating profit was also hit by impairments, loss on derivatives and a provision for an onerous contract.
In the fourth quarter of 2009, M-real will book an onerous contract non-recurring cost provision of about EUR12m.