Onerous contract

ONEROUS CONTRACT, civil law. One made for a consideration given or promised, however small. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 1767.

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To rectify this onerous contract, SAA had negotiated a swap transaction where the purchase of the remaining ten A320s would be cancelled and SAA would instead enter into operating leases on five A330-300s.
The nature of contracting for community services has changed dramatically, with a more consistent, comprehensive and, frankly, more onerous contract than optical practices have previously encountered.
I hope the change came from the player himself, but I also wonder (and this is purely speculation on my part) whether heavy hints were being dropped from the boardroom that it might be best to get him in the shop window to show what he can do, in order to get his onerous contract off the books as quickly as possible.
Sometimes teams are just looking for any way to get out from an onerous contract or open up a spot for a young player who needs more seasoning.
In such an environment, the Players cannot force any onerous contract terms on the NFL.
The Champions League Twenty20 2010, which kicked off on Friday, has for the second consecutive year witnessed the absence of a key player in the Bushrangers squad due to an onerous contract with his Indian Premier League team.
The work slowdown in recent years has resulted in extremely competitive pricing, a sometimes under-utilized workforce and increasingly onerous contract language, all of which make our jobs difficult," O'Roke observed.
By the end of the session a dozen titles of importance had been agreed upon including practitioner engagement, onerous contract paperwork, practice inspections, NICE guidelines, PCT negotiations, revalidation, and shared care schemes.
the services market is an onerous contract, without compensation or payment by the contracting authority or by the user.
As the economy has declined in the past few years, firms in the construction industry have been forced to accept an unpalatable combination: lower fees and more onerous contract terms.
The costs of terminating the operations and associated services including the Stena Carron rig contract will be onerous contract and expensed in fourth quarter amounting to approximately USD 350 million.
One of the main issues is that the employers over here tend to use their own form of contract, so they take a FIDIC and amend with clauses that make it a more onerous contract for the contractor," explains Alexander Milne, contracts director at UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC).