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Freddi Fish Jigsaw Wrangler lets kids race against the clock to click online puzzle pieces into place in an effort to re-create scenes from Freddi Fish 4.
com[TM] is challenging fans' dexterity with the launch of Puck's Peak, a free online puzzle game.
net's Games Channel provides popular online puzzle, arcade and card games such as Solitaire and Scrabble, and offers Comcast High-Speed Internet customers unique community benefits such as the ability to create player profiles, customize avatars, connect with friends, chat, create-your-own trivia questions and earn game play points to redeem virtual prizes.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin America has teamed up with Google to take cloud computing to new heights with the Day in the Cloud Challenge - the first-ever online puzzle challenge that can be played in the air and on the ground.
com, a leading social, multiplayer casual games site, announced today the release of Jigsawce, introducing a new category of MMOPG (massively multiplayer online puzzle games).
Join the millions of people worldwide to "master the gems" with ZenGems or play the most original and addicting online puzzle game Cubis 2.
The first contestant from each country to submit the correct answer then went on to compete in one final online puzzle to decide the winner.
com fun with Pogo[TM] Island, which is available now exclusively for the Nintendo DS[TM] system and features five of the most popular online puzzle games -- Word Whomp[TM], Poppit
This acquisition is a great opportunity to cost-effectively grow our business, and it provides us with the final piece of the online puzzle to increase our penetration in the online and black box trading communities.

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