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If we truly evolved from the apes, and over millions of years managed to keep our opposable thumbs while walking upright and using tools, why do we still have all this worthless ear hair?
Interestingly, you need an opposable thumb in order to twist fibres or tie knots, so the ability of making cordage may have been an important advantage in human evolutionary development.
Justly proud of his opposable thumb, this lustful simian is only
The opposable thumb and the clitoris have more nerve endings than any other place in our body, especially the clitoris.
ARE HOMER, SHAKESPEARE, and Cervantes products of natural selection, like the opposable thumb and the Galapagos finches?
Although bearing a long tail, she had several human characteristics, including an opposable thumb, short arms and legs, and forward facing eyes.
Instead of having an opposable thumb, which lets humans grasp objects with ease, octopuses rely on individual suckers for their dexterity.
Chimps, via sign language, tell Indications that an opposable thumb generously shared for grooming purposes is the ultimate icebreaker for getting some interspecies sugar.
For instance, there were no doubt occasions when our simian ancestors found their opposable thumb a bit of a nuisance but because, by and large, it offered them a massive advantage over rival mammals, we were singled out as the crown of creation instead of aardvarks, say, or woolly mammoths.
In later chapters Pasternak states that humans have a number of attributes that make it easier for us to search - such as an opposable thumb, a voice box, an upright gait and an increase in brain size.
To be sure, in terms of organizing people, it seems as if pro-abortionists lack an opposable thumb.
If I were a CEO, the last place I'd turn for evolutionary advice would be to someone with a memory no longer than my opposable thumb.