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twisted opposable thumbs which look so foreign, so wrong, and feels
Expanding on the company's 'inspired by nature' research, Festo's MultiChoiceGripper concept is an adaptive, flexible handling system that employs the concept of opposable thumbs to ensure maximum stability when gripping.
Time - the only thing between them and opposable thumbs.
Mouse opossums have opposable thumbs on their hind feet and prehensile tails to help them retain their balance as they traverse through the branches of the coffee plants.
There was no phone reception and a fair few folk did not have opposable thumbs.
asp) The Atlas robot features two fully functional hands with opposable thumbs and three other fingers; Atlas' movements come from 28 hydraulic joints.
Or perhaps while the rest of the world sleeps they drop all that "meow-meow, purr-purr" business, feel slightly debased at having to poo in a plastic tray in order to keep up the facade and dream of growing opposable thumbs - because you know that once they've got those it's just a matter of time before they've procured credit card cloning equipment and are draining our bank accounts dry to satiate that sardine addiction.
As far as I am aware, foxes don't have opposable thumbs, but as my colleague rightly points out: "They only have to get lucky once.
But one thing we do have is opposable thumbs and, feet firmly planted on the ground, we can, if so inclined, guide radio controlled aeroplanes in practically any way within the confines of the laws of physics.
Even then, it's hardly much of a pay-off for lugging a tuba across acres of muddy fields when you've no opposable thumbs, is it?
xi) A fragile, ungainly being, man the animal has only one "exceptional zoological" (5) advantage over other animals, his opposable thumbs and thus his tool-wielding capability.