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However, as Enzo constantly reminds us, he has neither facile tongue to speak his story nor opposable thumbs with which to write it down; so how exactly is the story being told to us?
To the instructor only--Examples include: bipedality, opposable thumbs, abstract thought, art, music and literature, complex brains, long childhoods, committing suicide, and possessing complex interconnections in our brains.
We have opposable thumbs and manual dexterity, language and tools.
Song themes range from pronouns to camouflage to opposable thumbs.
Given his lack of opposable thumbs, Garcia has enlisted the aid of some friends to help with the typing.
No - because you're a salient human being who knows how to use your opposable thumbs.
Ida had nails instead of claws, short limbs and opposable thumbs.
The lemur-like skeleton features primate-like characteristics, including grasping hands, opposable thumbs, clawless digits with nails, and relatively short limbs.
The furry little blighter has already gnawed through all the bird feeders, dug up every bulb in the herbaceous borders, made a fatal incision in the garden hose and completed the Telegraph crossword in less than half an hour, although I had to help him write in the answers, as he still has no opposable thumbs.
Cheeta is handy with a paintbrush because, like humans, chimpanzees and other apes have opposable thumbs, says Anne Pusey, a primatologist at the University of Minnesota.
For a start, the health and safety implications of hurling glassware are pretty clear for just about anyone with opposable thumbs.
Is it not painfully clear to all with opposable thumbs the near ruination that the first two Bushes have brought upon our country and a better part of our planet at large, and the universal hatred we endure because of them?